Our History

PSORA was founded in the autumn of 2020. Since then, the group has been transformed into a five-member commando.

    The current line-up consists of:
    Martin - Guitar
    Pavel - drums
    Zdeněk - bass
    Kate - vocals
    Honza - vocals

The band's line-up was settled in 2021, when the first concerts were played. Since then, PSORA strives to continuously spread its message through live performances. In the first quarter of 2023, the CD "TRIUMPH OF EVIL" was released. The complete production of the band of this time is recorded on it.
Musically, this is a straightforward, mid-tempo death metal devoid of solos, virtuoso exhibitions and rhythmic twists. Thanks to this, the band got the old school death metal label.
This focus was a fundamental pillar in the formation of the band, because the musicians in PSORA have enough of these elements from previous and parallel activities such as:

    COWARD - tech. trash death,
    SPHERES - art rock / metal,
    FEEBLE MINDED - tech. brutal death metal
    ANIMAL HATE - tech. death metal
    ZUBATHAA - djent / math core
    and more...